August 18, 2017

Final ice shipped off

Taking the ice boxes out of the snow trenches.

Today we had a very successful mission to EGRIP. Skier 62 came at 13:00 in clear sunshine and -17°C. All the remaining 46 ice core boxes with ice cores and snow samples were taken from the snow trenches with the lift and built on pallets in the morning before the Skier arrived. The Skier took off with 3 pallets and 15 EGRIP’ers (load 14.400 lbs). Now, we are only 8 in camp.

What we did today:

  1. Built ice pallets before the Skier arrived.
  2. Took the two remaining weatherports and an Arctic Oven tent down.
  3. Moved sledges in preparation for winter-packing.
  4. Moved equipment to winter-position on drums.
  5. Received Skier 62.
  6. Organized timber on timber sledge.

Weather: Sun with wind 1 m/ to 5 m/s turning from SW to W, temperatures -28°C to -16°C.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

7 of the remaining 8 at EGRIP.