August 19+20, 2017

Camp is going down

Moving the packed weatherports on to sledges.

After 15 left camp Friday the camp is being taken down really fast. All structures on the snow around the Dome are packed and moved off to be parked on winter hills of snow. The Dome stands as the last ‘home’ for the remaining 8 in camp.

What we did during the weekend:

  1. Received Skier 27 with fuel for the camp next year.
  2. Moved the sledges with weatherports, timber and more to the winterhills.
  3. Levelling of camp with Pistenbully.
  4. The main water melter taken down, emptied and cleaned.
  5. Science trench packed and documented.
  6. Documentation of sledges and white garage.
  7. Arranged all in carpenters garage.
  8. Celebrated Sverrir’s birthday.

Weather: Groundfog in the mornings, clearing Sunday, wind from 0 m/ to 4 m/s from W and SW, temperatures -25°C to -15°C.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Celebrating Sverrirā€™s birthday Sunday.