July 12, 2016

The front door

Thomas, Christian and Nicholas working on the door and floor in the Dome.

The Dome is opening towards the new front door. The Dome becomes more open and more light comes in even with the new middle floor. It is great and we already have big plans for bean bags over the door.
A great applaud to Josefine for serving the most fantastic food in the middle of the saw dust and chaos.

What have we done today:

  1. Used the theodolite to determine the depth from the undisturbed 2015 snow surface to the bottom of the inclined trench in the drill trench
  2. Worked on a new main door in the Dome and an extended middle floor
  3. Resampled snow surface profile in the clean snow area
  4. Finished digging the second Japanize snow pit
  5. Weighed all ice core boxes for retro.
  6. Used the snow blower to make a trench along the SW weatherport line for power cables
  7. Moved 26 drums of drill liquid a new winter hill for overwintering

Ad. 1: There is only 6.83 m from the drill floor to the bottom of the inclined trench. Tomorrow we plan to deepen the trench to more than 7 m

Weather today: Overcast in the morning clearing to sunshine in the evening. Temperature -10°C shortly last night increasing to -4°C during the afternoon and dropping to -10°C in the evening. Wind 5 kn from NW in the evening and 10 kn from SW midday.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Josefines lunch: Jerusalem Arkiskoc soup, fish, potato salad, cabbage salad and ‘remolade’.