July 17, 2016

Visitors at EGRIP

28 visitors arriving with Skier 81.

Today Skier 81 came to EGRIP with 28 people to camp. We had visitors to show round the camp and we had two groups planned to stay until 21 July: A Tällberg group and a Bill Nye the Science Guy group. So great!
We said goodbye to Iben, Sarah, Naoko, Eliza, Camilla, Thomas, Nicholas, Christian and Fumio and hello to Emilie, Diana, Steff, Sverir, Trevor, Bo and Nikolai.

What have we done today:

  1. Received Skier 81
  2. Showed the camp to our guests
  3. Unpacked cargo and fresh food
  4. Supported Tällberg and Bill Nye groups

Weather today: Overcast with low clouds. Temperatures: -12°C during night 8-10°C all day and evening. Wind decreasing from 10 kn from NW to 5 kn from NW.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen