July 20, 2016

Climate communication

Climate communication by Juan Enriquez.

After three days with the Tällberg group, Juan Enriquez gave a 10 min presentation on how the message on climate change could be communicated. His presentation was very strong and the next step will be for us, the scientists to work on the presentation. Drilling happily goes on and it has been followed and filmed by the Bill Nye group.

What have we done today:

  1. Drilled and logged the EGRIP ice core
  2. Bill Nye filming in the drill trench
  3. Tällberg working with the camp
  4. Took down the ice core buffer and started lowering the floor to the logging trench level
  5. Resampled snow surface profile in the clean snow area
  6. Built pallet

Ad. 1: Logging depth: 54.60 m (22 runs, 34.66 m)

Weather today: Broken clouds all day. Temperatures: -6°C in the night warming to -3°C and cooling to -12°C in the evening. Wind 15 kn from W decreasing to very low winds from SW in the evening.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen