July 25, 2016

Core buffer – mission accomplished

Team celebration of the core buffer.

After lowering the floor with 30 cm we have leveled the floor and placed a shelve system for the ice cores in the room. We need enough shelf room for 600 m of core next year when we drill through the brittle zone. The hard working team is enjoying that the mission is accomplished.

What we have done today:

  1. Made a new cable termination between the HT drill and the shallow winch
  2. Resampled snow surface profile in the clean snow area
  3. Finalized the shelve systems for ice core buffer
  4. Made plastic curtains to keep the ice core buffer colder
  5. Cleaned up in Mechanic garage
  6. Been on the first GPS and Drone mission

Ad. 6: The GPS points on the north margin of the ice stream were remeasured and the first drone missions where attempted. In the third attempt part of a grid was made. It was concluded that the batteries need to be warm under launch.

Weather today: Blue sky all day. Temperatures -16°C during night and evening and up to -5°C in the day. Wind changing between 5 and 10 kn.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen