June 1+2, 2019

Weekend at EGRIP and an Italian Saturday evening dinner

Karl Emil, Alexios, Francois, Morihiro and Søren are cleaning the borehole filter after the second filter run.

The new drillers and logger/processers are getting into the routines, and the MAGPIE team is getting their equipment organized. As the weather continues to be cooperative, most tasks on the surface are relatively easy and pleasant. We had a very fine Saturday evening which began with an Italian dinner prepared by Giulia, Alexios and Francois. Pasta was of course a central component. A glass of sangria came along with dinner.
In preparation of two shift drilling beginning tomorrow, the drillers filtered the bore hole fluid to remove excess ice chips in the hole.

What we did this weekend:

  1. Drillers made a three runs Saturday and one run Sunday.
  2. Filtered the bore hole in two runs yielding 50 kg slush.
  3. Logging ice cores. Logging depth, Sunday: 1830.3 m.
  4. Station for atmospheric moisture sampling and isotopic measurement is active.
  5. The isotope CFA laboratory measured from bag 2772 to bag 2808 (1524.05m to 1544.40m).
  6. The four MAGPIE project members made first measurements 800 m SSE of EGRIP.
  7. The MAGPIE members had crevasse rescue exercises in the ramp of the storage cave.
  8. Repaired snow blower and made maintenance on snowmobiles.
  9. Routine service on main generator.
  10. Setting up horizontal saw in science trench.
  11. Removed snow blocks from access tunnel to increase roof clearance.
  12. Repaired skiway markers.

Ad.1: Drillers are training new crews. The plan is still to begin drilling in shifts on Monday.

EGRIP population is 28.

Weather this weekend: Fine. Temp. – 12°C to -25°C. Wind: 4 kt to 8 kt from WSW. Visibility: Unrestricted.

FL, J.P. Steffensen