June 19, 2019

Plane and new people in camp

Skier 31 brought both a 3D movie crew and a photographer to camp, who will take pictures and make a virtual reality tour of EastGRIP camp.
First job was of course to document the impressive operations of the skier on snow.

Today was busy at EGRIP handling skier 31 from which we received new camp personnel, DVs, media, 4500 liters of fuel as well as some other cargo. After two hours ground time the skier left EGRIP again carrying retro-cargo as well as the DVs and outgoing camp personnel. The DVs got a tour of camp while the plane was on snow, while ingoing and outgoing personnel manged a brief hello and goodbye. Camp population has now grown to 40, including a film crew of three who will be making a virtual reality movie for the upcoming museum in Ilulissat and a photographer. All four will stay in camp for six days until the next crew exchange.
In the trenches some work continued with the drillers being busy unspooling the cable from the winch and PP measurements being carried out in the science trench. MAGPIE continued retrieval of their stations.
Otherwise the afternoon and evening quickly went by, with the new camp crew settling in – greatly helped by the camp personnel who kindly remained in camp to assure a smooth staged crew exchange during this flight period.

What we did today:

  1. Receiving skier 31 with new camp personnel, media, DVs, cargo and fuel.
  2. Un-spooling cable from winch
  3. No ice core logging.
  4. Station for atmospheric moisture sampling and isotopic measurement is active.
  5. Data processing in CFA laboratory. No more samples.
  6. PP measurements ongoing in science trench.
  7. Getting new camp members settled in and saying goodbye to outgoing personnel.
  8. Showing camp to the 6 DVs from Villum-fonden and the Niels Bohr Institute.
  9. MAGPIE picked up 3 stations (S50, SE50 and SE100)

EGRIP population is 40.

Weather: Blue sky until the plane arrived then increasing cloud cover. Temp. -21 °C to -6 °C. Wind: 6 kt to 10 kt between SW and W.

FL, Bo Vinther