June 20, 2019

Getting into the routines

Beautiful low sun towards the north as seen from the cupola. Here at EGRIP the sun is not even close to setting the night before Greenland’s national day.

All the new people in camp, seems to have settled in nicely, and we are now all working towards the different tasks at hand – getting into all the different routines here in camp as quickly as possible.
In the trenches work continued with the drillers re-spooling the cable back on the winch under tension and PP measurements being carried out in the science trench. Work on setting up the processing line was completed, and we anticipate ice core processing to start of tomorrow – slowly getting everybody on the line familiarized with the elaborate procedures of measurements and sampling det EGRIP deep ice core.
On the surface MAGPIE deployed stations up to 15km from camp towards the north west, and the surface programs in camp continued as normal.
Finally preparations for receiving DVs, cargo and fuel in tomorrows airdrop were made readying equipment and making sure sufficient camp personnel will be on hand for all tasks in connection with this mission.

What we did today:

  1. Re-spooling cable on winch
  2. No ice core logging.
  3. Station for atmospheric moisture sampling and isotopic measurement is active.
  4. Data processing in CFA laboratory. No more samples.
  5. PP measurements ongoing in science trench.
  6. Finalizing setup of processing line in science trench.
  7. Filming for EGRIP virtual reality tour and photographing live in camp.
  8. MAGPIE deployed stations up to 15 km NW of camp.
  9. Preparations for tomorrows airdrop.

EGRIP population is 40.

Weather: Sunny spells between cloudy periods, slight intermittent precipitation. Temp. -10 °C to -4 °C . Wind: 8 kt to 12 kt from SW.

FL, Bo Vinther