June 22 and 23, 2019

Saturday and Sankt Hans

Group picture of everybody at EGRIP this Saturday.

During this weekend we had a great Saturday celebration with excellent dinner prepared by the CFA crew (different delicious versions of Mac and Cheese) and a nice lively party for 40 afterwards. Sunday called for two celebrations: Petras birthday with the traditional Danish musical instruments birthday song – as well as Sankt Hans which was celebrated with a quick flare-gun class + a single test shot by Silje. Karl-Emil took care of the bon-fire – nicely beamed onto our projector-screen in the Dome, while Steff gave the bon-fire speech.
Otherwise work progressed all around camp with PP measurements and ice core processing in the science trench, as well as CFA measurements being restarted. In the drill trench logging and filtering of the bore hole was carried out, as well as a bit of (so far unsuccessful) fishing after termination parts still presumed to be in the bore hole. Surface program as well including drone flights are on-going as planned, except during our windy Sunday.
Adding to an already successful day, the ice core processors successfully started the processing line.

What we did during the weekend:

  1. Logging and filtering bore hole, fishing after lost parts of broken termination.
  2. No ice core logging.
  3. Ice core processing of 57 bags, last bag 1729.
  4. Station for atmospheric moisture sampling and isotopic measurement is active.
  5. CFA measurements restarted Sunday, last bag 1663.
  6. PP measurements ongoing in science trench, last bag 1656.
  7. Filming for EGRIP virtual reality tour and photographing in camp.
  8. Drone flight Saturday, but Sunday flight cancelled due to weather.
  9. MAGPIE have recovered all stations and is now packing equipment.
  10. Saturday night dinner prepared by CFA crew.
  11. Celebrated Petras birthday (“instruments”: ice drum, wind horn, snow crystal formation).
  12. Celebrated Sankt Hans with flare gun instruction and test by Silje + speech by Steff next to projected bon-fire.

EGRIP population is 40.

Weather: Wind between 8kts and 24kts, turning from SW to S and then to NW Saturday around noon with snow and snowdrift, then subsiding and veering to SW. A mix of sunny spells and clouds Saturday, while Sunday was dominated by clouds until evening. Temperatures from -16°C to -5°C.

FL, Bo Vinther

Sunday we had a brief period with 25kts of wind – luckily Karl-Emil and Nico managed to save the toilet tent before it departed camp!