June 25, 2019

Crew Exchange

EGRIP camp members boarding Skier 41.

Many heartfelt goodbyes was said in camp today, as 18 camp members left on Skier 41, some of them having been at EGRIP for almost 2 months. But on the other hand it was also time to welcome 11 new camp members on the ice, which is always a happy occasion. Skier 41 also brought much appreciated fuel and cargo to camp, including a welcome restocking of our food supplies.
The new crew members quickly settled in, and in the drill trench, three new teams were formed (two drill shifts and one filtering shift). Ice coring is, however, again being slowed down – this time due to cable spooling issues on the winch. It was hoped that last weeks cable re-spooling would have solved this, but not so. The plan is now to have a driller assist in the spooling every time the drill is hoisted up the bore hole.
Except for a brief interruption to welcome the skier and say hello and goodbye to camp members, worked progressed with PP measurements and ice core processing in the science trench, as well as CFA measurements continuing. The surface program continues as planned while the drone underwent maintenance.

What we did today:

  1. Receiving Skier 41 with 11 new camp members, cargo and fuel for camp 2.
  2. Saying goodbye to 18 camp members leaving on Skier 41.
  3. Establishing new drill teams, working on winch spooling issues.
  4. Logging three ice cores, logged depth 1955.9m.
  5. Ice core processing of 42 bags, last bag 1804.
  6. Station for atmospheric moisture sampling and isotopic measurement is active.
  7. CFA measurements, last bag 1711.
  8. PP measurements ongoing in science trench, last bag 1776.
  9. Continued maintenance on drone.
  10. Removing drifts from trench entrances etc.

EGRIP population is 33.

Weather: Wind between 6kts and 15kts from W, turning SW in the evening. Sunny spells with a single snow shower when skier 41 was on snow. Temperatures from -15°C to -7°C.

FL, Bo Vinther