June 26, 2019

Weather changing

Right before dinnertime the wind died completely down at EGRIP, with flags hanging lazily and the weather station measuring zero wind. A rare occasion here at EGRIP. The sun baked at the dome, making for a local heatwave (+29C) in the dome cupola!

Here at EGRIP it is mostly quite windy due to the katabatic winds falling downslope from the center of the ice sheet. But this evening was different, as the wind died completely down, suggesting a weather system was encroaching on the Greenland high. Sure enough, later in the evening wind turned ENE bringing low clouds and snow showers – so lucky we have no flights scheduled in the coming days!
Otherwise all the new camp members are now tending to the many planned activities in camp. In the drill trench the new teams are moving towards production drilling, despite having to take great care every time the cable is spooled back on the winch as the drill ascends up the bore hole. This means that also logging is ongoing, while all science trench activities are running smoothly as well.
On the surface the atmospheric measurements are continuing from the site on the boundary of the clean snow zone, and a successful drone flight was carried out before lunch.
Sadly this was, however, to be the last drone flight of the season, as the drone autopilot decided on a hard landing immediately after take-off in the evening. Due to the diligence and safety protocols of the drone crew only material damage (to the drone) occurred, as the drone flight pass always avoids camp. Despite the unfortunate setback we all look forward to see the isotope data from the 8 successful drone flights – as these are the first ever such observations carried out high above the Greenland ice sheet.

What we did during the day:

  1. Drilling 5 perfect runs despite winch spooling issues.
  2. Logging 4 runs, logged depth 1969.4m.
  3. Ice core processing of 51 bags, last bag 1855.
  4. Station for atmospheric moisture sampling and isotopic measurement is active.
  5. CFA measurements, last bag 1736.
  6. PP measurements ongoing in science trench, last bag 1786.
  7. Last flight of drone.
  8. Skidoo maintenance.
  9. Camp siren test.

EGRIP population is 33.

Weather: Wind between 0kts and 10kts first from SW then W and finally from E in the evening. Many long sunny spells during the day, but turning cloudy in the evening. Temperatures from -16°C to -7°C.

FL, Bo Vinther