June 28, 2019


The day-shift drillers were invited to the logging cabin, when Naoko and Tobias had declared that the 2000m mark had been passed. From left to right: Jan T, Steff, Johannes, Naoko, Svenja, Nicholas and Tobias.

Today we had two milestones to celebrate here at EGRIP: First the processing team managed to finish up the sampling of the EGRIP brittle ice section. As this is the most difficult ice to process due to its fragility, this was a major achievement accomplished by successive processing teams through a couple of seasons. Secondly we passed the 2000m mark in the logging cabin, meaning that we have now drilled 2000m as defined from the surface here at EGRIP, which also called for a celebration. So all in all a very good day in the trenches, where CFA and PP measurements also are continuing at pace. Tomorrow we will celebrate 2000m drilled from the bottom of the trench (the way the drillers prefer to measure depth) making for an exciting Saturday evening here in camp.
On the surface the atmospheric measurements are continuing from the site on the boundary of the clean snow zone, and Aslak, Falk and Kerim started out measuring GPS stakes placed in an extended area around camp.

What we did during the day:

  1. Drilling 6 runs and filtering despite winch spooling issues.
  2. Logging 6 runs, logged length 18.65m, logged depth 2006.25m.
  3. Ice core processing of 45 bags: 1913-1930 and 3200-3226, brittle ice completed.
  4. CFA measurements, last bag 1800.
  5. PP measurements ongoing in science trench, last bag 1876.
  6. Station for atmospheric moisture sampling and isotopic measurement is active.
  7. Started measuring GPS strain network in EGRIP area.
  8. Clearing snow drifts around camp.

EGRIP population is 33.

Weather: Wind between 2kts and 15kts from northerly directions. Mostly cloudy with outbreaks of snow and a few sunny spells. Ground fog late in the evening. Temperatures from -10°C to -4°C.

FL, Bo Vinther