June 29+30, 2019

EGRIP Olympics

Group picture of all EGRIP camp members on the Saturday where the drillers depth surpassed 2000m.

The team of Saturday night chefs had not only prepared an excellent dinner for us, but also put together a nice mix of games for the evening. Hence under the beautiful evening sun a rare sight took place: 4 teams competing to win the EGRIP Olympics. This was certainly an appropriate way to celebrate a week of achievements here at EGRIP: All brittle ice processed, passing the 2000m mark in the drilling, working at pace both in the CFA and PP cabins and continuing the ambitious surface measurements program.
Sunday started with brunch at 11, and nobody missed out on the delicious food prepared by Kevin and Tine, due to the camps new distributed remotely controlled siren system which we tested 10.55! Thank you to Jan O. for setting it up during the past days – and to Jan J. back home for shipping this system to camp.
Otherwise work continued Sunday after brunch with the drillers doing and extra thorough weekly filtering of the bore hole and processing and measurement programs continuing both in the trenches and on the surface.
A final important achievement to note is that the corebuffer temperature Sunday noon has been lowered to -20°C, due to the thorough efforts of Maria and Kerim installing a double-seal between the drill trench and the corebuffer Saturday.

What we did during the weekend:

  1. Drilling 5 runs despite winch spooling issues.
  2. Logging 5 runs, logged length 15.89m, logged depth 2022.14m.
  3. Filtering bore hole from top to bottom.
  4. Ice core processing of 51 bags, last bag 3277.
  5. CFA measurements of 48 bags, last bag 1848.
  6. PP measurements ongoing in science trench, last bag 1906.
  7. Measuring GPS stakes around camp.
  8. Station for atmospheric moisture sampling and isotopic measurement is active.
  9. EGRIP Olympics.
  10. Installing second wall around logging cabin, corebuffer temperature now -20°C.
  11. Testing distributed siren system.

EGRIP population is 33.

Weather: Wind between 6kts and 11kts first from WNW turning NW and finally NNW in. Mostly cloudy with outbreaks of snow, but a nice long sunny spell Saturday evening and night. Temperatures from -16°C to -4°C.

FL, Bo Vinther

Left: Saturday cooks and EGRIP Olympic committee, Alexandra, Falk, Sonja and Nico, announcing the results of the games. Right: Petra, Chris and Nan 100% ready for one of the disciplines, while Tobias and chef Kevin looks on.