August 10 and 11, 2019

Marathon and sun setting

Running the EGRIP Skiway Marathon

Due to the delay of the pull out we have an extra ‘Saturday night’. JC, Roman, Zurine and Iben cooked a wonderful dinner with beef sandwiches and a chocolade delight dessert. Although the mode in camp is a little depressed we had a really good evening with a quiz prepared by Alex and Hannah. As usual it was a late evening. A bonus was the clear horizon around midnight and we had a beautifull and colorfull nearly sunset. Several from the group had planned to participate in the ‘Musk-Ox Run’ in Kangerlussuaq so Sunday after brunch 18 of the 23 in camp participated in the EGRIP Skiway Marathon. Back and forth on the skiway (3.7 km) running, walking or skiing. Great fun.

What we did during the day:

  1. Moving snow around the white garage tent
  2. Grooming the skiway
  3. EGRIP Skiway Marathon
  4. Working with data
  5. Walking, skiing, crocket and running

EGRIP population is 23

Weather: Wind between 6 kts and 11 kts. Wind between N and W. Changing overcast from full to broken. Temperatures between -22°C and -8°C.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

The full team at the start of the event.

Saturday evening the sun dipped nearly to the horrizon