May 1, 2022

Hurry up and wait, wait, wait...

Frederik preparing BBQ dinner for the team in front of the KISS building.

The scheduled put-in flight Monday 25th was still postponed due to missing expedition permit (delays in the permitting process). We are prepared to have the put-in flight some time during the coming week.

Waiting for the expedition permit gave the put-in team more time in Kangerlussuaq. Our two mechanics have used the waiting time to give service to the black Ford and a much needed service and repair to the white flatbed truck and its crane. The black Ford will get number places on tomorrow.

The carpenter has built a US type wooden luggage box for AF pallets, which can be used to ship lage quantities of personal luggage to/from EGRIP. Next project is to paint the box.

Due to the postponed put-in flight to EGRIP, we received a new food shipment from Denmark to resupply the original put-in food. Our chef has arranged for purchase and future orders on local local meat and fish from a local hunter. The chef has vacuum packed the first batch in the kitchen at the Roklubben restaurant.

The container with ship cargo from AWI, INSTAAR and UCPH, shipped in August 2020 has been emptied. The cargo is now standing in our warehouse and ready to be shipped into camp.

Everyone are trying to help out where needed and the mood is still high despite the delay to EGRIP. One way to keep the mood high is enjoying each others company and hiking trips around Kangerlussuaq.

FOMs Jesper, Marie and Iben.

Thomas in front of the new built box for an Air Force pallet. The pallet can be used when sending a lot of personal luggage to/from EGRIP.

Sverrir and Chris maintaining the white flatbed truck.

Jesper emptied the ship container for cargo shipped in August 2020 after the snow cover is almost gone in front of our warehouse.