May 11, 2022

Things in camp are changing rapidly

The exposed cable duct from 2017. Sepp is measuring the diameter. The original 60 cm diameter is now 45 cm.

Although the thermometer says “very cold”, it did not feel that way today. There was hardly any wind and the sun was shining. We got a lot done. I can hear a good noise coming from the kitchen below. People are chatting over an evening drink (deserved) and everybody appear to enjoy camp life. Of course, it helps on the mood that all have a feeling of accomplishment. It is a great relief that we now have all heavy machines running and on the surface. We are now beginning the heavy tasks.
Tomorrow we will begin preparing the dome for the big move. The skis under the dome will be excavated and we will make a ramp so we can pull the dome out of its hole. The hole will then be backfilled and the dome will be pulled back to its original position but 6 meter higher. All the cables in cable ducts will be pulled out, and new ducts will be made close to the present surface where the cables will be inserted. If we are successful in this operation, EGRIP will probably be the first deep field ice camp where underground cables can be recycled and not lost in the snow.

What we did today:

  1. Search for the electrical cable to the food weatherport is over – both ends found.
  2. Ramp to mechanics garage finished and PB-2 and out Caterpillar running. All vehicles in camp in operation.
  3. Removing snow from sides and from roof of carpenters garage.
  4. Central heating now works in dome.
  5. The heavy sleds with cargo have been removed from snow hills and cleaned for snow.
  6. Finished marking taxiways and apron. Skiway system now fully marked.
  7. Found 2017 balloon cable duct at 2m depth. Cables are loose and will be pulled out before we move the dome.

Weather today: Clear blue skies. Temp. -39°C to -29°C. Wind: mostly calm later 4 kt from SW. Visibility: Unrestricted.

FL, J.P. Steffensen