May 14+15, 2022

A first weekend at EGRIP in 2022

Sepp is digging snow away from leading ski of dome.

We have now been at EGRIP for a week, and this Saturday was a whole lot more cosy than last Saturday. The dome is warm and we have settled in in a fine way. Work stopped at around 16 Saturday and commenced Sunday at 10. Anna-Maria volunteered as a cook and we had a lovely 3-course dinner. Afterwards, there was chatting and storytelling. The weather continues to be good to us, so work is progressing nicely. Half of the bottom frame of the dome is now excavated and we hope to finish the job Monday. If we are lucky, we may pull the dome out of it’s hole Tuesday.
We also continue to build Weatherports as we expect 23 more people by 23rd May. First fight to EGRIP is scheduled to 20th May so work on the skiway is important.

What we did Saturday and Sunday:

  1. Grooming taxiways and apron.
  2. Excavated ramp and entrance to storage cave (concert hall).
  3. Performing 2022 EGRIP survey of skiway and camp fix points.
  4. Built WP 5 and WP 3.
  5. Cutting snow and ice blocks from around base of dome.
  6. Dozing snow around dome.
  7. Successfully pulled two main cables from generator to science trench.

Weather Saturday and Sunday: Clear blue skies. Temp. -36°C to -23°C. Wind: mostly calm later 6-12 kt from WNW, turing to WSW. Sunday: QNH 1009 hPa. Visibility: Unrestricted.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

EGRIP skiway seen from Approach 06.

EGRIP skiway centre line.

EGRIP skiway 06 2000 feet remaining markers.

EGRIP skiway 24 2000 feet remaining markers.