May 19, 2022

Dome is now restored as it was when we arrived in 2015

This unusual dome position only lasted for one day.

Today has been a long and hardworking day for crew. The persistent wind also contributed to making work hard. Everybody participated in the complex task of building the necessary infrastructure around the base of the dome. The ski and the base are again covered with plywood and snow has been pushed up around the base, creating yet again a “basement” under the floor. A new drain system has been made, so people don’t have to resort to “pee poles” and limited washing and dishwashing. Our cable balloon is inflated under the dome; but that will be removed tomorrow.
Tomorrow, we will continue finishing the work around the dome; but we will not have time to establish running water before more people arrive; but we might have central heating...

What we did today:

  1. Moved dome back to original position, but 5 meter higher.
  2. Moved main generator back into position at level with dome.
  3. Established new drain under main dome.
  4. Grooming apron, taxiways and skiway.
  5. Built WP 2.
  6. Cable and pipe duct from cable well under dome towards science trench cast.
  7. Pulled main cable from cable well to carpenters garage (backup generator).
  8. Mounted plywood collar around base of dome and began burying base with snow.
  9. TACO dinner.

Ad.5: We have now built all Weatherports, except no 1. In two days, when more people arrive, we will have 29 extra beds in heated Weatherports.
Ad.7: We were able to pull the main cable 70 m, even without removing the plug, through a 5 meter deep and five years old snow duct.

Weather today: Mostly clear blue skies. Temp. -30°C to -20°C. Wind: 10-14 kt from SW. QNH 1006 hPa. Visibility: Unrestricted, in the morning 1 km due to fog.

FL, J.P. Steffensen