May 20, 2022

Camp is now ready as it can be before the next flights beginning tomorrow

The put-in crew in front of the “new” dome. From left to right: Thomas, Sverrir, Chris, Anna-Maria, Frederik, Basile, Bo, J.P. and Sepp.

In the past almost two weeks, we have focused on logistics. Even though we were delayed for twelve days in the put-in, we have managed to get an almost buried camp into an active mode again. Tomorrow, the first scientists will arrive. Their science is related to studies on the snow surface and in the air. We can now offer them a place to sleep and a warm dome to stay in. We have almost all systems ready. We still need running water for dishwashing, laundry showers and sinks; but we are close to completing this system. Even though weather has been nice, we have not yet been able to excavate and lift our garages. This will come next. In our planning, we knew that opening camp after three years was going to be difficult, but we are optimistic. It will still be a while before we can begin work to restore our underground trenches for ice core drilling, but that was foreseen and planned. Tomorrow, we will receive 11 new EGRIPpers and we will say good bye to one of the put-in crew.

What we did today:

  1. Grooming skiway.
  2. Now 7 Weatherports outfitted with beds, heating, tables and chairs.
  3. Made two new outhouses.
  4. Finishing new foundation of dome, including plastic protection sheet.
  5. Cables and hot water pipes installed and connected to main generator.
  6. Central heating on-line.
  7. Cooks snowmelter now online.
  8. Cleaned up in dome.
  9. Nice put-in crew farewell dinner.

Weather today: Mostly clear blue skies. Temp. -30°C to -20°C. Wind: 8-14 kt from WSW. QNH 1002 hPa. Visibility: Unrestricted, in the evening 1 km due to fog.

FL, J.P. Steffensen