May 21+22, 2022

A weekend with some dramatic content

11 new crew members arriving at EGRIP.

On Saturday, we were awaiting the first LC-130 plane after put-in carrying the first science crews of the season. The plane was scheduled to depart Kangerlussuaq at 0900. Just before planned take-off, we got a phone call from Kangerlussuaq where we were told, that the plane could not start due to lack of fuel. In fact, we were told, all of Kangerlussuaq airport was out of fuel. No planes could come or leave.
The lack of fuel would last until fuel in a full tank was certified by a lab. in Denmark. We thought it was a joke, but it was true. The fuel got released just past Noon, and our plane was re-scheduled to 1500. Our passengers got on board; but an issue with the landing gear forced a cancellation of the flight. Sunday morning the flight was successful and we said good-bye to Basile and hello to: Chiara, Kevin C., Bruno, H.C., Bruce, Valerie, Haley, Kevin R., Michael, Chantal and Charlotte. The new people have settled in nicely, and for the put-in crew the delay was a benefit, because we were able to present a fully functional dome to our new team mates.

What we did in the weekend:

  1. Grooming skiway.
  2. Construction of WP 1 in progress.
  3. Big snow melter installed and on-line.
  4. Dishwasher and laundry machine operational.
  5. Finishing the hill around dome.
  6. Waiting for a Saturday plane that didn’t come.
  7. Receiving Sunday LC-130 plane.
  8. Skiway certification o.k. and landing check on camp instruments o.k.

Weather today: Mostly clear blue skies with some thin clouds. Temp. -28°C to -14°C. Wind: 8-17 kt from SW. QNH 993 hPa. Visibility: Unrestricted, Saturday morning 1 km due to fog.

FL, J.P. Steffensen