May 25, 2022

Large change in EGRIP population

Elements of laboratory cabins are being hoisted up from the underground trenches.

This morning EGRIP had a population of 32, but today, the TUNU team finished deployment of equipment at TUNU site. Most team members were on the last flight, but four members departed EGRIP in Arctic Trucks. We will see them again late June. Now, only the flight crew of four remain in camp. The Basler and crew will fly to Kangerlussuaq tomorrow. We are now 23 in camp, and by tomorrow we will be 19 people. This gives us a little more space in the dome and in Weatherports. While we are still excavating camp structures, the science teams are beginning their work.
Using a snowblower, the megapit project members are beginning excavation of the megapit. We retrieved two Viessman cabins from the science trench. One will be setup to serve as the laboratory for the drone project and the other will be setup as a server cabin for the upcoming AWI radar survey flights. Kevin is doing a good job in the kitchen, not only serving 32 people, but also handling off hour meals due to TUNU flights and operations that are longer than anticipated.

What we did today:

  1. Handling the two final Basler missions to TUNU site.
  2. Excavation and emptying carpenter’s garage in progress.
  3. Finished removing remnants of old skiway markers.
  4. Four TUNU team members departed towards TUNU in Arctic Trucks.
  5. Excavation megapit has begun.
  6. Repairs on snowmobile, Flexmobil no.2 and snowblower.
  7. Hoisting two Viessmann cabins out of science trench via elevator shaft.

Ad.1: In total, the Basler has received 5390 liter fuel at EGRIP.

Weather today: Blue sky. Temp. -28°C to -17°C. Wind: 4-9 kt from SW. QNH 999 hPa. Visibility: Unrestricted.

FL, J.P. Steffensen