May 28+29, 2022

We’ve got visitors and the first strong winds of the season

Our Norwegian visitors arriving at EGRIP Saturday afternoon.

Just as the forecast predicted, Saturday afternoon the wind turned and picked up, temperatures rose and we got the first snow fall this season. There was some snow drift; but as temperatures rose by ten degrees, the snow was sticky and the snow drift did not get as bad as wind speeds suggest. Just ahead of the weather change, seven Norwegian kite skiers came to visit. The team included HRH Crown prince Haakon of Norway. The team spent Saturday night with us and we had a nice get together.
Saturday night cooks were: Michael, Daniela, Chiara, Charlotte. We had chicken with rice and peanut sauce and a beautiful dessert. Sunday, we continued our work and our visitors got a chance to see our research, and we gave interviews on EGRIPs importance in climate research, in particular for the study of future sea level rise.

What we did in the weekend:

  1. Received a group of seven Norwegian visitors.
  2. Elevator to science cave now installed and in operation.
  3. Megapit team continued studies.
  4. Installing laboratory for drone team.
  5. Fuel transferred between tanks. Second fuel tank now excavated.
  6. Cable duct between elevator and dome completed.
  7. Working on electrical cables in camp.
  8. Carpenter’s garage now ready to move.
  9. Interviews and tour de camp for Norwegian visitors.
  10. Saturday night dinner. Among guests: HRH Crown prince Haakon of Norway.

Ad.6: A small mishap caused the string to pull cables to disappear into the duct. Sepp didn’t mind a bit of spelunkering so he crept 10 m into the duct and retrieved the string. Hero of the day.

Weather in weekend: Mostly blue sky; but snow showers Saturday afternoon. Temp. -13°C to -6°C. Wind: 9-24 kt from S. QNH 1022 hPa. Visibility: Unrestricted, in periods of snow 1 km.

FL, J.P. Steffensen