May 31, 2022

Bad weather

Carpenter’s garage pulled onto new berm.

Today, was the first bad weather day this season. Strong winds and snow fall caused significant snow drift and work outside was somewhat hampered. Nevertheless, people continued working and spirits in camp are good, particularly as we continued to receive good news from our colleague at the hospital in Nuuk. The German team finally received their expedition permit so the airborne radar campaign can begin. Now, we are waiting on good weather for the Basler plane to arrive at EGRIP.
The megapit project has reached a milestone as one pit is completed and they begin on the second and last one. During all this, Kevin C. in the kitchen takes good care of us with a wide selection of cooked food, fruit and bread.

What we did today:

  1. Carpenter’s garage now placed on new berm.
  2. Megapit team completed one section, 2400 snow samples collected.
  3. Installing laboratory for drone team.
  4. Setting up servers for radar campaign.
  5. Pistenbully no. 2 now repaired and running again.
  6. Working on electrical cables in camp.

Ad.1-6: Snow, wind and snow drift made outdoor activities difficult.

Weather today: Most of the day, overcast and snow and snow drift. Temp. -10°C to -6°C. Wind: 23 kt from SE. QNH 1016 hPa. Visibility: down to 500 m.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

Michael is having a tough job collecting snow pit samples in the middle of a blizzard.