June 2, 2022

A fine - but blusterous day

Excavation of mechanic’s garage. An illustration on how deep the garages were buried.

Today, the AWI Basler arrived. It is configured with sophisticated radar for mapping the interior of the ice sheet and the base under the ice.
The Basler will be here for about three weeks. Charlotte, our doctor, who accompanied our patient to Nuuk came back with the plane. We are now 23 persons in camp. We surveyed the ramp tunnel to set a proper set of surface markers so that the snowblower operator may remove the snow to open the tunnel. We plan to make an entirely new ramp tunnel with a width and height of 3 m. This will allow for passage of one of our big sleds, which will be used to tow all the snow blocks to be cut from the ceiling in the caves. Although the day was cold and windy, we got a lot done.

What we did today:

  1. Grooming skiway, taxi way and apron.
  2. Megapit team continue sampling.
  3. The drone team installed outdoor equipment.
  4. Receiving Basler, Polar 5.
  5. Cables to Carpenter’s garage re-laid and connected.
  6. Re-stocking Carpenter’s garage.
  7. Polar bear radar installed and operational.
  8. Survey of ramp tunnel and surface for mapping out new ramp tunnel excavation.

Weather today: Blue sky. Temp. -26°C to -20°C. Wind: 11-16 kt from W. QNH 1016 hPa. Visibility: unrestricted

FL, J.P. Steffensen