June 3, 2022

First radar flight and first drone flight

The big snowblower trying to gain access to the ramp tunnel and the drill trench.

The AWI Polar 5 made its first radar survey today. Hopefully one of many. And the drone team launched the drone; but still some parameters have to be set as the drone made a controlled landing after only 500 m.
We have begun to attack the entrance tunnel to the underground trenches; but during the day it became clear that we will have to make a new tunnel instead of expanding the old. We hope to make a new entrance tomorrow. The complicated move of our carpenter’s workshop/camp warehouse ended today, and thank you to the core team: Thomas, Bo and Chiara and other helpers. After dinner, we had a movie night in camp.

What we did today:

  1. AWI Basler made 2 hr 45 min radar survey.
  2. 2nd megapit sampling.
  3. The drone team launched their drone; but due to some programming issues, it made a controlled landing after 500m flight.
  4. Hauled empty drums and mogas drums to surface.
  5. Carpenter’s garage and camp storage completed.
  6. Work on excavating ramp tunnel.
  7. Excavating mechanic’s garage.
  8. Beginning to stage retro cargo for Mondays flight.

Ad.6: The excavation was stopped when we encountered extremely hard ice from the original 2016 work. It almost broke the big snow blower. We have decided to make a new ramp at 30 degrees from the old tunnel. This ramp will end where the drill trench and the old tunnel meet.

Weather today: Blue sky, overcast in the evening. Temp. -24°C to -17°C. Wind: 12-16 kt from W and SW. QNH 1014 hPa. Visibility: unrestricted.

FL, J.P. Steffensen