June 4+5, 2022

An indoor weekend

Our totally clean and well-organized cargo line after the weekend storm.

The list of what we have done in the weekend is very short this time. Saturday morning, EGRIP was hit by bad weather which lasted until Sunday evening. Overcast, heavy snowfall and strong winds caused white-out conditions and reduced visibility to 50 m. People could only stay out with radio connection to the dome. Also, a head count was done several times during the day to ensure all were accounted for. In the dome, everybody stayed warm and safe, and we had a beautiful birthday celebration for Chris and for Hayley. Kevin C. made really nice birthday cakes, which were served to the tones of a Danish birthday song. Sunday evening, the weather became “normal” again and it was possible to assess the damages: One outhouse tent has given up and will be reset tomorrow. All other weatherports and tents have taken the storm in the stride. There are lots of snowdrifts however, so tomorrow, we will clean up in camp and groom the skiway so we will be able to receive an LC-130 on Tuesday.

What we did in the weekend:

  1. Bad weather Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Work on radar data. Data from first mission are really good.
  3. Some work in isotope laboratory.
  4. Maintaining camp functions.
  5. Saturday: Chris’ birthday. Sunday: Hayley’s birthday.

Weather in the weekend: Overcast until Sunday evening. Temp. -20°C to -18°C. Wind: 20-35 kt (gusting >40 kt) from NW-NNE and NNW. QNH 1003 -> 1015 hPa. Visibility: 50m – 200m.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

Danish birthday song for Chris (Saturday) and Hayley (Sunday): Thomas, Bo, J.P., Kevin C., H.C. and Valerie.

Saturday view from dome down main street.