June 7, 2022

We got a flight today

Skier 22 today. Cargo for Kangerlussuaq is being loaded and camp staff is making ready for a fuel delivery.

With the flight today, we had a small crew exchange. We say hello to J.C., Aslak, Chloe, Thomas H. and Julien, and good-bye to Charlotte, Chiara and H.C. We are now 24 in camp. The flight operation went fine.
We received spareparts and three pallets of cargo. We also sent out two pallets of cargo. The weather is again fine and it is so much nicer and easy to work in sunshine. On the surface, we are almost ready to lift our last garage to a new berm. Our IT-guys (J.C. and Aslak) are beginning to reconfigure EGRIPs computer network and this will subsequently be hooked up to our 3 m satellite dish for continuous internet connection. By next week EGRIP should have web-cam, ceilometer for cloud measurements, and much nicer connection to the outside world.
The science groups are all making good progress.

What we did today:

  1. Received Skier 22.
  2. One successful 4 hour radar mission with Polar 5.
  3. Handling received cargo and food.
  4. One successful mission with drone sampling water vapour in 4 layers of atmosphere.
  5. Cleaned out entrance to storage cave.
  6. Megapit study continues.
  7. Reconfiguring electrical grid in dome and trenches.
  8. New entrance to cook’s freezer made as an experiment with a confined balloon.
  9. Beginning to set up satellite dish for internet connection.

Weather today: Fine all day. Temp. -20°C to -15°C. Wind: 10-15 kt from WSW. QNH 1013 hPa. Visibility: Unrestricted.

FL, J.P. Steffensen