June 11+12, 2022

A weekend with a good Saturday evening

Thomas F., Sepp and Sverrir build and weigh retro cargo pallets for tomorrow.

Again, a Saturday evening. For some the last one this season, and for some the first one. Saturday night dinner was mac-and-cheese cooked by the drone crew: Valerie, Kevin R., Haley and Chloe. At dinner, J.P. held a memorial speech on Henry Rufli who recently passed away. Henry Rufli was a Swiss ice core drill constructor and mechanic. He was among the pioneers in the ice coring business. With his basis in the Hans Oeschger group at the University of Berne, he participated in most ice core drilling programs in Greenland since the 70’s. His last field work with us was at NEEM in 2010. Henry will be missed by many. In camp, we are preparing for a large crew exchange: 8 persons will be leaving and 17 arriving with the plane tomorrow. This will temporarily set camp population at 31 persons. In the coming week, EGRIP will become a busy airport indeed. We hope that four LC-130s will come our way. Originally, we had planned for two; but camp is running short on fuel, and in order for the AWI radar flights to continue, we need more fuel. We cross our fingers.

What we did in the weekend:

  1. Four successful drone flights. Sampling went fine.
  2. Two successful radar missions (4 hours and 3 hours) with Polar 5.
  3. Megatrench pit studies concluded.
  4. Groomed skiway, taxiways and apron. Revised skiway markers.
  5. Working on the EGRIP IT network. Ceilometer now working.
  6. New ramp to drill trench and tunnel junction completed.
  7. Work of restoring drill trench.
  8. Built two retro cargo pallets.

Weather in the weekend: Fine all days. Temp. -22°C to -12°C. Wind: 4-10 kt from SSW turning SSE. QNH 998 hPa. Visibility: Unrestricted.

This is FL, J.P. Steffensen signing off. From tomorrow it will be FL, Bo M. Vinther

Thomas H. cutting down snow from the ceiling in the drill trench.