June 13, 2022

A big change in camp!

EGRIP camp members right before leaving camp. Our chef Kevin didn’t make the goodbye-picture, but did (just) make the flight after a quick hand over to our new chef Jeppe.

Today Skier 11 arrived, and camp population grew to 34 as we welcomed 16 new camp members and 2 observers from the 109th Airlift Wing. It was also a day of many goodbyes, as we all bit farewell to 8 camp members leaving with Skier 11. EGRIP camp is now capable of supporting a full camp population – an impressive accomplishment given the state of the camp a little more than a month ago when the first team arrived to excavate the camp after 3 years of abandonment.
Skier 11 also brought much needed fuel as well as 3 air force pallets of cargo to camp, hence new and old camp members have been busy breaking down pallets and sorting through food and science equipment.
While Skier 11 was on snow at EGRIP, Polar 5 did a 3-hour radar mission investigating the ice sheet stratigraphy south-east of camp. When we had Polar 5 back on snow the drone team managed to make 2 successful flights as well. EGRIP is a busy airport indeed!
In the afternoon camp also got a big green addition – a big green balloon was inflated in the newly excavated ramp in order to support a new blown snow roof over the ramp.

What we did today:

  1. Skier 11 arrived with 16 new camp members, two 109th observers (for tomorrows airdrop), fuel and cargo.
  2. 8 camp members left on Skier 11 as well as 2 pallets of retro cargo.
  3. Handled cargo and fuel delivered by Skier 11.
  4. Grooming of the skiway during the entire evening.
  5. One 3 hour radar missions with Polar 5.
  6. Two successful drone flights. Sampling went fine.
  7. Inflated big green balloon in new ramp to drill trench.
  8. Work of restoring drill trench.

Weather today: Fine and mostly sunny. Temp. -20°C to -12°C. Wind: 8-13 kt from S and SSW. QNH 996 hPa. Visibility: Unrestricted.

FL, Bo M. Vinther

EGRIP camp members right before going to camp. Dorthe and 3 FOMs stayed in Kangerlussuaq, but made the picture anyway.

The four FOMs in Kangerlussuaq: Helene, Eliza, Iben and Sune - after having finished palletizing the cargo for EGRIP.