June 16, 2022

Thank you!!

The Skier defueling and cargo handling team: Thomas, Chris, Luke, JJ and Sepp (who was behind the camera).

Today we had two successful fuel-flights to camp back to back, making sure that all activities in and out of camp can run as planned in the coming 5 weeks. A very big thank you to the 109th Airlift Wing for these crucial fuel deliveries made on short notice using two different methods of delivery: Skier 41 combat offload of fuel drums and Skier 42 defueling. All in all 21680 liters of fuel was delivered to EGRIP in a single day, and on top of this we received a pallet of science cargo and a new camp member: Dorthe, the leader of EGRIP.
Also a big thank you to the FOMs and outgoing camp crew in Kangerlussuaq for organizing the fuel delivery, not least filling up and palletizing 48 drums of fuel in short order!
The fuel delivery also meant that we could get Polar 5 in the air again for a final radar survey mission of the ice stream that our camp is in fact located on. When the airspace was available over our busy airport it was also possible to conduct two more drone flights.
In the drill trench it was possible to resume ice block excavation work, as the roof over the new ramp was finished and the big green balloon deflated opening the ramp. Our carpenter Thomas did the final trimming of the new snow roof, using his experience with working high-up. It was indeed a busy day for Thomas, who is also part of our airplane defueling and cargo handling team.
On the surface, preparations for shallow coring and various radar missions also took place at pace.

What we did today:

  1. Skier 41 delivered 9600 liters of fuel to camp, by combat offloading 48 fuel drums.
  2. Skier 42 delivered 12080 liters of fuel to camp, as well as science cargo and one pax.
  3. Skier 42 took one retro-pallet and one PAX to Kangerlussuaq.
  4. Handling of cargo and fuel from the two skiers.
  5. Deflating green balloon, trimming ramp snow roof and opening the ramp to the drill trench.
  6. Extracting snow-blocks by Flexmobile-driven sledge up the new ramp.
  7. Radar survey flight by Polar 5.
  8. Setup of AWI shallow coring system south of camp.
  9. Preparations of ApRES and EastGRIP-radar systems.
  10. 2 drone flights.

Weather today: Mainly sunny conditions, turning more cloudy during the afternoon. Temp. -17°C to -6°C. Wind: 0-12 kt from S. QNH 1010 hPa. Visibility: Unrestricted.

FL, Bo M. Vinther

Skier 41 combat offloading air force pallets loaded with fuel drums for camp.