June 22, 2022

A windy day at EGRIP

Our three toilet-outhouses here in camp after our windy day. One of them with much less “house” and quite a bit more “out”, and mysteriously flagged as being occupied, but by whom?!

Today we had wind here in camp with blowing snow and visibility sometimes decreasing to a bit below 500m. Not a day for surface work or flying, and as we had blocked the big ramp to the drill trench to avoid it drifting in, then the excavation work was also paused today, allowing most of camp to get some well-deserved rest.
The wind did, however, solve one of our most persistent problems here in camp – camp-members remembering to take down the flag that signals that our toilet-outhouses are occupied! One or more “false flags” can be a real pain when you really need to go. But now worries now – problem solved: the tent blew away and only the toilet box remained on the snow surface next to the red flag signalling it is occupied, maybe by a ghost, as our electrical engineer Bruno jokingly suggested.
In the evening the wind started to die down, but most of camp anyway stayed indoors for an inspiring EGRIP science session with Daniela, Ole and Aslak presenting their newest results to camp.

What we did today:

  1. Science talks about various EGRIP related campaigns and studies.
  2. Servicing of skidoos, securing of camp facilities in the wind.
  3. Work on various science and drilling computer systems.
  4. Resting and waiting for improving weather.

Weather today: Windy with increasing amount of blowing snow during the day, culminating in the early afternoon. Temp. -17°C to -13°C. Wind: 7-20 kt from N (gusting to 26 kt) turning NE during the evening. Visibility: Poor during most of the day, but improving during the evening.

FL, Bo M. Vinther