June 26, 2022

Operations under the Sun

The AWI Basler, Polar 5 at EGRIP is always a beautiful sight to behold. The airframe of the plane is from the 1940s, but otherwise the plane has been comprehensively modernized, including completely new engines.

This weekend was dominated by sunny weather, again easing all operations here at EGRIP. On Saturday we received Polar 5, flying in from Kangerlussuaq with 3 crew and 2 new camp members: Søren for the drill team and the new camp field leader Anders. All day Sunday Polar 5 shuttled cargo, ice cores and 4 TUNU camp members from the TUNU drill site to EGRIP. Given the pace of operations, TUNU camp is expected to be demobilised after one more flight mission tomorrow with the last 5 TUNU camp members driving the 300km to EGRIP in two Arctic Trucks after loading up the plane.
Here at EGRIP surface operations also made the most of the nice weather, with ApRES station deployments, EGRIP radar tests and Greenland Exploration Rover tests. Furthermore, the drone team managed an impressive 8 flights during the weekend.
In the trenches a new milestone was met, as the drillers finished the enormous task of cutting ice blocks from the ceiling, having freed up enough headspace for equipment and operations over the entire trench.
Now the focus will shift to the inclined trench that will need some widening. Work on extending the trench staircase duct vertically to the surface also commenced during the weekend.
The beautiful weather also meant that our Saturday dinner team could bring out the BBQ for the first time this season. Hence JJ, Dorthe, Laura, Niels, Tamara and David prepared a very nice dinner for us all:
Grilled muskox steaks, potato-boats, potato-salat, grilled aubergine, mushrooms and burger buns. For dessert we had amazing tiramisu. Sunday, Jeppe prepared a delicious brunch for everybody, including the new arrivals from TUNU camp.

What we did this weekend:

  1. Received Polar 5 with 3 crew and 2 new camp members, flying in from SFJ.
  2. Started pullout of TUNU camp by Polar 5, movement of 4 PAX, 72 ice core boxes and cargo during 3 shuttles.
  3. Excavation of drill trench by all available hands in camp.
  4. Extracting snow-blocks by Flexmobile-driven sledge up the new ramp.
  5. Extension of staircase duct using vertical balloon method.
  6. ApRES installation mission west of camp.
  7. Greenland Exploration Rover tests and troubleshooting.
  8. 8 drone flights.

Weather this weekend: Mainly a sunny day Saturday with only occasional high clouds and completely clear sky Sunnday. Temp. -23°C to -10°C. Wind: 4-10 kt turning from W to SW during the weekend. Visibility: Unrestricted.

FL Bo M. Vinther signing off, from tomorrow it will be FL Anders Svensson

JJ and Valerie enjoying the Saturday sun in front of the dome, while JJ was grilling the muskox steaks on the BBQ.