June 29, 2022

Continued excavation in tunnels and trenches

The drone being fired off the ramp. It can reach circa 1.5 km above the ice sheet in a 1h flight.

In the trenches the ‘mining’ of the lowered ceiling has progressed from the drill trench into the tunnel connecting to the science trench which has been enlarged by removal of a large amount of snow blocks. The difficult and delicate work of enlarging the inclined trench continued.
The shallow drilling in the shear zone experienced some technical issues, but is back in good shape and drilling continued to 72 m depth.
Elongated air bubbles were observed in the drilled ice as a sign of the ongoing shearing. Away from the shear zone air bubbles in the ice are normally round in shallow ice. The drone team had a record of 7 flights since there is no longer disturbing air traffic in the area. Jeppe continues to surprise us with one delicious and filing meal after the other. Those working outside or in the ice caves all day are very hungry at meal times. We probably eat twice the amount of food that would be served under normal conditions. Topped up with some home-made cake, candy and chocolate.

What we did today:

  1. Continued expanding the inclined trench in drill trench.
  2. Drilled with German shallow drill in shear zone SE of camp. Depth: 72 m.
  3. The ApRES team went out to inspect sites 5 and 6.
  4. Transferred fuel from drum pallets into main tank.
  5. The Greenland Exploration Rover got improved belts mounted.
  6. Excavation of the NE connecting tunnel between drill and science trenches.
  7. Performed 7 drone flights. New daily record.
  8. Started assembling 9 m T-structure to support radar.
  9. Documentation of TUNU retro gear pallets.
  10. Prepared retro trash pallet.

Weather today: The overcast disappeared in the morning and there was clear blue sky all afternoon and evening. Temp. -12°C to -5°C. Wind: 2 to 12 kt from varying easterly directions.

FL, Anders Svensson

The drone is returned to origin after an open field landing.

High coziness factor in main dome.