June 30, 2022

Long live the Inreach GPS tracking

The drill tower in vertical position and the green borehole casing at the bottom of the inclined trench before the tower was aligned. Left hand side is up and right hand side is down.

The day started out nicely with low winds and mild temperatures that allowed for pallet packing, fuel transfer and cleaning up on the surface. The shallow drill team went out to the shear margin to drill, but due to some electrical failure, there was a delay and drilling will have to continue tomorrow. The radar team went out on a courageous 100 km roundtrip SE of camp at a speed of some 10 km/h so that became a long day. In the drill trench the inclined trench had been widened enough that it was for the first time possible to put the drill tower in upright position. Due to the deformation of the trenches over the last years, the tower was slightly tilted, but it has now been aligned to vertical so that the drill eventually will be able to enter the borehole. Next step is to lower the top of the borehole casing to make room for the drill and for the borehole lid to open without hitting the tower. At 17:30, we were hit by a front that instantly raised the wind speed, changed the wind direction and it started to snow. With an event like that and groups working out of camp it is very valuable to have the Inreach GPS tracking system that allow us to know where people are located, to see if they are moving and to exchange short text messages.

What we did today:

  1. Aligned the drill tower with the borehole position.
  2. Drilled with German shallow drill in shear zone SE of camp. Depth: 82 m.
  3. The Greenland radar team went on a 100 km roundtrip to the SE.
  4. Transferred fuel from drum pallets into main tank.
  5. Performed 11 (lower and shorter) drone flights. New daily record.
  6. Strapped and weighed TUNU retro gear pallets.

Weather today: The day started out with overcast but calm weather. However, at 17:30 the wind suddenly picked up and it started snowing. Our webcam iced over. Temp. -18°C to -5°C. Wind: 0-10 kt from SW until 17:30, then 12-14 kt from NW.

FL, Anders Svensson