July 5, 2022

The Sun is back in camp

Evening picture of camp as seen from the site of the German shallow drilling close to the ice stream shear zone some 13 km to the NE of camp.

With nice sunny weather returning to EGRIP, camp activities have been at the highest level: In the drill trench the winch has been maintained and the cable tensioner is set up to start spooling the new cable onto the winch. In the science trench the last snow blocks were cut from the ceiling and brought up to surface, and the floor and tables have been levelled. The German shallow drilling reached a depth of 75 m, the EGRIP radar went out on a long journey visiting the former RADIX site, the drone was in the air most of the time, and the camp was groomed to harden the surface and avoid future dunes from drifting snow. Jeppe fired up the BBQ to grill salmon for dinner, and in the evening, there was cross-country skiing and kite skiing in the surrounding area.

What we did today:

  1. Maintained cable guiding system of the winch.
  2. Tested the winch electronics control system.
  3. Worked on setting up the cable tensioner for spooling cable onto winch.
  4. Cut and removed THE LAST snow blocks from the science trench.
  5. Levelled tables and floor in science trench.
  6. Drilled at the German shallow drill site. Depth: 75 m.
  7. Made all-day radar measurement with the EGRIP radar in NE direction.
  8. Performed drone flights all day.

Weather today: Finally, the sun came back to camp and we had blue sky and nice conditions for outdoor activities. Temp. -17°C to -8°C. Wind: 4-19 kt from SW.

FL, Anders Svensson

Nicholas (left) and Grant (right) setting up the cable tensioner for spooling the new cable on the winch.

Jeppe and Ole BBQing arctic style in the sunny evening.