July 13, 2022

More snowfall and humid conditions

Ole performing polarised radar measurements downstream the ice stream (yesterday).

A reconfiguration of the drill head has enabled drilling of 3m long cores as the drill is designed for. Today three runs resulted in almost 9m of ice core drilled. Core breaks are hard, but they are less critical than in previous seasons, due to the improved winch motor and cable. It has been snowing most of the day and wind gusts went up to 20 kt, so it was fortunate that the last skidoo-based traverse work was done yesterday. Today the Pistenbully went out on a final survey with the Mills cross radar south of camp. From now on the Pistenbullies will be used for camp work and for preparing the skiway for the flights planned for next week. Maybe a bit counterintuitive for some, but the warm temperatures are becoming an issue in camp. Today the unusual wind direction caused relatively warm and humid air to enter the trenches, which is not good for the ice cores. Some ice core analyses, in particular those of gas concentrations, are affected by high temperatures. We are therefore taking measures to close the main entrance to the drill trench and to hinder wind circulation in the trenches. Last year’s melting at Summit station in Central Greenland made headlines in the press. In previous seasons we have had rain and melting at EGRIP as well. Let’s see how high the temperatures get this season.

What we did today:

  1. Drilled 8.9 m ice core in 3 runs. Logger’s depth: 2134.89 m. Logged core: 8.25 m.
  2. DEP measurement of the German shallow core ExS5_2.
  3. Last Mills Cross radar measurements of ice sheet folds S of camp.
  4. Continued packing down drone camp.
  5. Setting up curtains between trenches.
  6. Blowing trench entrances free of drifting snow.
  7. Mounting snow blower on Pistenbully.

Weather today: Snowfall and snow drift most of the day. Temp. -13.7°C to -6.2°C. Wind: 6-16 kt mostly from NW.

FL, Anders Svensson

Three guys out in the middle of nowhere for measuring GPS positions: Michael, Jeppe and Aslak (yesterday).

A beautiful sky captured by Sepp.