July 16+17, 2022

Cauliflower camp

Opening and gathering in the Science trench Saturday afternoon.

Sunday has been a day of palletising and making ready for flights that are planned for this flight period. As it looks now, we will have 4 flights over the next 10 days, where some 7.5 tons of ice core will be shipped out, we will receive a new Pistenbully and we will exchange most of the camp personnel. Unfortunately, the weather is not favourable for EGRIP missions at the moment as we have overcast, low clouds/ground fog, snowfall and high temperatures. Saturday, the first main core was processed in the science trench and in the afternoon, there was ‘open house’ in the trench with most of the camp coming by to inspect the processing and have a drink. Then followed a Saturday night with an extended program: The cooks were the drone dream drone team (Valerie, Kevin, Laura and Chloe) that made us a great meal. Then there was celebration of Michaels birthday, singing by the drillers choir (‘What shall we do with the drunken driller…’), ignited Greenland coffee served by a Greenlander on the Greenland ice sheet, salsa lessons by Nicholas and Tamara, and finally DJ Kevin & Die 99 Luftballons. The entire dome had been cauliflower decorated and cauliflower jewellery was worn and produced throughout the night. Cauliflower turns out to be the vegetable that lasts the longest in camp. Nothing can kill it - it is made to survive the winter. It may be a good time for a crew exchange and for delivery of some fresh vegetables.

What we did Saturday and Sunday:

  1. Drilled 6 runs. Logger’s depth at 7 pm: 2182.63 m. Logged core: 19.83 m.
  2. Processing the first main core in science trench, starting at bag 3857. No final packing yet.
  3. Packed pallets for coming flight missions: radar, drone and AWI equipment.
  4. Generator maintenance Sunday morning.
  5. Continued grooming of skiway Saturday.
  6. Transferred fuel from apron tanks to Dome tank.

Weather Saturday and Sunday: Saturday overcast and a little snowfall. Ground fog in the morning lifting to 2000 ft during the day. Sunday overcast, snowfall and moist conditions below 1000 ft all day. Temperatures -11°C to -3°C. Wind: 3-14 kt mostly from N.

FL, Anders Svensson

JJ serving Greenland Coffee for all in camp Saturday night.