July 21, 2022

Starting up new routines

Chris, Sverrir and PB mechanic Albert Arbogast, mounting the belts on the new Pistenbully.

With newly arrived people in camp, many working routines need to be set.
The drilling is starting up slowly with a stress test on surface making sure that the drill can withstand the hard core breaks. The science trench also starts up slowly as some instruments still need fine-tuning.
The new Pistenbully get the belts mounted under guidance of a mechanic from Kässbohrer. A number of seismic instruments are being set up around camp by the seismic team. The instruments will detect the noise generated from the drill head at the bottom of the borehole(!), as well as explosions made with dynamite close to the surface. For a couple of days, we have two cooks in camp, Jeppe and Frederik, and we are being double spoiled. Today we had grilled tuna a la Nicoise for lunch, grilled musk ox steaks for dinner, and home made bread and cakes in between! One day we will need the Michelin guide to make a visit to camp.

What we did today:

  1. One drill run. Logger’s depth at 7 pm: 2211.71 m. Logged core: 3.42 m.
  2. Processing in Science trench. Last bag packed: 3874. Production: 4.95 m.
  3. Made 2.4 tons stress test of drill.
  4. Mounting belts and shovel on new Pistenbully.
  5. Checking orientation of Vantage weather station.
  6. Realigned skiway flags that were blown over by the Skiers.
  7. Setting up 16 seismic stations in the vicinity of camp.
  8. Grooming skiway.

Weather today: Clear blue sky, good for BBQing, but to windy for eating outside. Temperatures -13.0 to -5.9°C. Wind: 4-14 kt from W and SW.

FL, Anders Svensson