July 23+24, 2022

Pallets with ice core boxes on the way to Skier 61.

With Skier 61 arriving at 1pm Saturday afternoon, the weekend has been dominated by flight operations, receiving new camp members and two media groups. We had a wonderful Saturday dinner prepared by Julien, Nico and Martin supplied with a big cake hand carried by Mikkel from the Kangerlussuaq restaurant. As a new and innovative observation, the touch down of Skier 61 was used as a seismic event and recorded in a 1900 m long fiber cable. It produced deformation of up to 1 micostrain/s along the fibre-optic cable (the color scale saturates at 0.5 microstrain/s). Shown is the distance from 400 to 1900 m along the cable, where it was recorded most clearly. One can see beautiful waves propagating along the cable. Most of these are fundamental-mode Rayleigh waves and various higher modes. (An f-k analysis shows that we even see the 5th overtone.)

What we did in the weekend:

  1. Four drill runs from Friday 7 pm to Sunday 7 pm. Logger’s depth at 7 pm: 2240.58 m. Logged core: 13.34 m.
  2. Processing in science trench. Last bag packed: 3895. Production: 3.30 m.
  3. Received Skier 61 on Saturday July 23rd.
  4. Received the last part, the cabin, of the new PistenBully.
  5. Sent 2 pallets of ice out to Kangerlussuaq.
  6. Received two film crews: the TerraX and Climate Curls.
  7. Goodbye to Chris, Thomas, Jeppe, Anders; hello to Mikkel, TerraX (Antje, Phillip and Lukas), Climate Curls (Jakob, Hjalte and Rasmus), See you soon: Steff.

Weather in the weekend: Overcast to blue sky, Wind from W turning to E. between 0 to 9 kn. Temperatures -12 to -4°C.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Group picture Saturday night.

Fibre-optics recoding of the touch-down of Skier 61.