July 27, 2022

EGRIP Trenches

Hello from the drill trench.

With the turnover of the EGRIP team this week most of the surface programs have terminated and most of the camp works in the trenches. The drilling continues to go exceptional well with most cores over 3 m. For the first time this year that the science trench is truly manned and the new crew has been trained today. There is quite a lot of ice waiting in the core buffer and only two weeks left before we need to pack the drill- and science trench.

What we did today:

  1. Six drill runs from Tuesday 7 pm to Wednesday 7 pm. Logger’s depth at 7 pm: 2287.80 m. Logged core: 20.55 m.
  2. Processing in science trench. Last bag packed: 3928. Production: 9.35 m.
  3. Tested Seismic explosives.
  4. Cleaned up on surface.
  5. Worked on problems with the internet.
  6. Cooking great food and catering for our two COVID patients.

Weather today: Morning fog clearing to blue sky most of the day.. Wind from WSW between 3 to 11 kn. Temperatures -25 to -12°C

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Red light from line scan in the science trench.

Hello from the science trench.