July 29, 2022

Day of celebrations

Driller’s tag for the Run 1000.

Today was Sonja’s 30 year Birthday. We are honored that Sonja has chosen to be in camp on this very special day. Happy Birthday 😊 In celebration of Sonja we passed the milestones: Run 1000 and that we have drilled more than 200 m this year (last logged depth in 2019 was 2122.42 m). At dinner we celebrate Sonja with sushi and a layers chocolate chip cookie cake with ice cream between the layers. Thanks to Frederik, Sepp and Nico for the fantastic food. Sonja choose a piccolo flute, birds and drums for the Danish Birthday song.

What we did today:

  1. Five drill runs from Thursday 7 pm to Friday 7 pm. Logger’s depth at 7 pm: 2323.37 m. Logged core: 16.40 m.
  2. Processing in science trench. Last bag packed: 3997 Production: 19.80 m.
  3. Seismic and optical lines at the shear zone close to the EXS5-1 and EXS5-2 shallow ice core sites.
  4. Pit samples taken for plastics in a 2 m deep pit.
  5. Problems with the internet system localized to critical satellite-disc positioning. Disc adjusted 2/8 of a bolt rotation up.

21 in camp (since July 26th)

Weather today: Morning fog clearing to broken overcast. Wind from W between 3 to 9 kn. Temperatures -26 to -11°C.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Loggers computer with the depth 2323.37 m.

Sonja cutting her Birthday Cake.