August 8, 2022

Last core processed at EGRIP 2022

Celebration of the termination of drill- and science trench activities

One more celebration – the last core has been processed at EGRIP for this year. We plan to take all cores with us back from EGRIP as the plans for next year is to continue the processing at AWI. It has been impressive to see the 300m of ice core being processed in just two weeks at EGRIP. GREAT JOB. Another great event was the lifting of the last garage tent, the white tent, up from its’s buried position to a new hill.

What we did today:

  1. Processing in science trench. Last bag packed: 4396: Production: 6.00 m; Final processed depth: 2417.80 m.
  2. Borehole logging with new logger.
  3. Optical cables placed on surface for borehole experiments.
  4. Mercury program finalized.
  5. White garage lifted and moved to a new hill.
  6. First winter hill made.
  7. S3 borehole logging with Sepp’s temperature logger finalized.
  8. First bunkbeds packed from weatherports.

Ad 1. The temperature at the present depth of 2400 m is -11.1°C.

21 in camp (since July 26th)

Weather today: Broken overcast with morning and evening fog. Wind 0-11 kt from W turning to S during Sunday. Temperatures between -17 and -6°C.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

White tent hanging in PistenBully crane.