August 9, 2022

Close down of camp has begun

Vibrant August sky at EGRIP.

Today nearly the whole camp is involved in close down activities. Cargo is being rearranged on the surface, documentation has started and more bunkbeds have been taken down and stored in the carpenter’s garage. It some ways it is sad to see the camp packed on the other hand we have reached our goals, and would like to enjoy the remaining warm summer…

What we did today:

  1. Packed ice core boxes.
  2. Optical cables placed in borehole.
  3. White garage secured with snow.
  4. Drill boxes stored in new inclined ramp.
  5. Timber sledge organized for winter storage.
  6. More bunkbeds down.
  7. Documentation of frozen food.

21 in camp (since July 26th)

Weather today: Morning and evening fog lifting during the day to broken overcast. Wind between 4-12kt from S veering to W. Temperatures between -22 and -9°C.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Drill 2022 statistics.