August 14, 2022

The Arctic Truck Trailer

Arctic Truck Trailer pulled by a skidoo.

The last item left of the TUNU project is the trailer pulled by the Arctic Trucks. On July 26th it was planned to leave on the C130, but was not taken by the 109th. Today we had planned it to leave again – but the storing material was not brought from Kangerlussuaq and again the trailer was left in camp. The trailer can be pulled by a skidoo so perhaps we need to drvive it off the ice sheet…

What we did during the weekend:

  1. Took two weatherports down.
  2. Documented the last frozen food in cook’s freezer.
  3. Built two pallets pallet with DK and AWI cargo.
  4. Closed the staircase entrance to the drill trench.
  5. Adjusted the borehole liquid level to 70 m.
  6. Finalized the ice box documentation.
  7. Received Skier 12 and said goodbye to 11 EGRIP’ers (Søren, Coen, Andreas, Sonja, Florian, Barbara, Johannes, Julien, Dave, Jeff and Mikkel) and welcome to 2 EGRIP’ers (Liz and Mike).
  8. Build to ice pallets with 60 boxes – we have left a ‘showbox’ of line scan cuts in camp (box 7006).

12 in camp (since August 14th)

Weather today: Saturday a windy and overcast day with snowfall, Sunday blue sky, wind between 4 and 16 kt from NW turning to W and temperatures between -22 to -9°C.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Sun is dipping – EGRIP webcamera.