August 15, 2022


Midnight picture.

Liz and Mike started their test of the CryoEgg today. The tests are in preparation of reaching bedrock next year where the CryoEgg is to be dumped in the bprehole to sink to the bed and slide under the ice to measure pressure and temperature in the water under the ice. The difficult part is to get the Egg to communicate wireless with the surface unit using HF frequencies for communication. This is the test this year – to see if it is possible to maintain communication between the Egg and the surface unit as the Egg is lowered down in the borehole. Fingers crossed.

What we did today:

  1. Received Skier21 and said goodbye to Caroline, Lukasz and the Arctic Truck trailer.
  2. Documented the more last frozen food in cook’s freezer.
  3. Started the CryoEgg experiments.
  4. Built the winterhills.
  5. Flattened the drifts and disturbances in camp.
  6. Moved empty foamboxes to science trench and empty zarges boxes to drill ramp.
  7. Emptied freshie shack.
  8. Closed elevator entrance to the science trench.
  9. Enjoyed special last days food prepared by Frederik (duck with orange sauce).

10 in camp (since August 15th)

Weather today: Overcast clearing to scattered high clouds. Wind 513 kt from W , Temperatures between -20 and -9°C.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

CryoEgg ready to test in borehole.