August 18, 2022

Camp infrastructure going down

The last lonely ice core in the ice core buffer.

Today the main and the cooks snow melters were moved away from the Dome. All containers, buckets and a big 200 l drum have been filled with the water from the snow melters and we expect we will have enough water in the Dome to last the two remaining days. Dishwater is down – so back to washing dishes by hand, and the soda machine has been winterized .. So only plain water or draft beer left to drink. Hard times 😊.

What we did today:

  1. Moved main and cooks melting water tanks to sledges.
  2. Packed and documented in camp.
  3. Covered drill and instruments in science trench with plastic.
  4. Moved 1 ton of core troughs out to pallet.
  5. Finished CryoEgg tests.
  6. Organized fuel between fuel tanks.

10 in camp (since August 15th)

Weather today: Overcast all day, temperatures between -13 and -25°C, Wind from the NW.

FL, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

The main snow melter is being lifted away.