April 26, 2023

Opening EGRIP

The put-in crew in front of skier 34 before take-off in Kangerlussuaq.

we arrived at EGRIP in the afternoon on Skier 34, landing at 15.45 local time. After we landed the weather turned sunny and the wind has been moderate. This is of course good weather for opening camp, and thus the put-in crew consisting of: Anna-Maria, Vasileios, JC, Aslak, Sverrir, Jeppe, Sepp, J.P. and Bo, immediately started clearing snow and establishing communication with the outside world. Indeed, we managed to open the carpenter’s garage and get power in the dome only some 70 min after landing. What a difference from last year’s 12 hours of tough excavation work!
With power established, the dome could be heated from a starting point of -14°C in the afternoon to about +10°C the following morning. Also, a Pistenbully got started and the tomatoes was pulled into camp before Jeppe served a nice dinner for us.

What we did today:

  1. Opened main dome and established communication.
  2. Cleared entrance to Carpenters garage and got Pistenbully running.
  3. Pulled tomatoes to camp.
  4. 35kW generator is running and supplying camp.
  5. Testing new internet system near dome.
  6. Made new outhouse.

Weather today: Clear blue skies except for ground fog during the night/early morning. Temp. -35°C to -25°C. Wind: 5-10 kt from W and WNW. Visibility: Unrestricted, except for when we have fog, then down to some 500m.

FL, Bo M. Vinther

The sky is clearing over the Dome immediately after arrival, and the Dome is still nicely on the surface.