April 28, 2023

EGRIP camp is taking shape

A beautiful view of the Weatherports taking shaping in sunny conditions here at EGRIP, while the apron is getting groomed.

Another day of good weather conditions here at EGRIP. This is crucial as we need fairly low winds for much of the work we have to do on the surface. Making the most of a beautiful day, Sepp, Anna-Maria and Aslak build Weatherports from morning to evening, assisted by Vasileios when he was not in the Pistenbully together with J.P grooming apron and skiway or helping Jeppe with moving the freshies to Weatherport 9. J.C. and Bo helped out with foundations for the Weatherports to further speed up the process and Sverrir provided insulation material around the base of the Weatherports in form of a nice layer of snow-blown snow in a spare moment between getting central heating up and running, pulling snowmelters to the dome and moving the satellite dish into position.
Hence, another productive day here at EGRIP.
Unfortunately, one of our camp members felt a bit ill today, and tested positive for COVID. He is now isolated in one of the newly constructed Weatherports, with our doctor Anna-Maria making sure he is comfortable.
All other camp members were subsequently tested negative by Anna-Maria, whom we thank for taking good care of all of us here at EGRIP.

What we did today:

  1. Groomed skiway and maintained skiway flags.
  2. Got central heating in dome provided by main generator.
  3. Moved both snow melters to the dome.
  4. Moved sledge with satellite dish to position near dome.
  5. Finished 3 Weatherports (numbers 7, 8 and 9) and readied foundation for number 6.
  6. Moved freshies from dome to Weatherport 9.
  7. Moved pallet from apron to camp.
  8. COVID tested all in camp, after one camp member tested positive. No other positives today.

Weather today: Clear blue skies except for ground fog during the night/early morning. Temp. -37°C to -25°C. Wind: 6-12 kt between W and WNW. Visibility: Unrestricted, except for when we have fog, then down to some 500m.

FL, Bo M. Vinther