April 29+30, 2023

Getting camp ready for the new crew

The cook’s freezer has been opened and all camp is powered by the main generator, seen left of the dome.

By working throughout the weekend, it has been possible to catch up on most of the camp preparations that we hoped to do before the expected crew exchange Monday, where the first ice core drillers and loggers arrive. Hence, despite being 2 days delayed in the put-in, camp now has running water, dishwasher, washing machine, bathroom, internet, ceilometer, 2 outhouses a newly groomed skiway and apron, 4 weatherports, drill and science trenches opened and a cook’s freezer! Also, two pallets have been readied for the upcoming flight back to Kangerlussuaq.
Getting this far was only possible because our cook Jeppe kindly agreed to prepare our Saturday dinner for us, despite Saturday normally being his evening off, and because everybody in camp got up early on Sunday to get everything into shape. Thanks to the delicious Saturday dinner prepared by Jeppe, we all nevertheless got into the Saturday mood and had a very nice evening in the dome here at EGRIP.
We were also blessed by the fact that our camp member with covid is doing well, and no more covid-positive camp-members were found during 2 more rounds of testing of all camp members Saturday evening and Sunday evening. Again, we thank our doctor Anna-Maria for her diligent handling of our single covid-case in camp.

What we did Saturday:

  1. Opened up ramp to drill trench.
  2. Opened up ramp to cook's freezer.
  3. Build a fourth Weatherport (number 6).
  4. Celebrated first Saturday in camp during the evening.
  5. Got both water systems up and running in the dome.
  6. Made second outhouse.
  7. COVID tested all in camp in the evening for the second time. No new positives.

What we did Sunday:

  1. Build two retro-cargo pallets (2 Weatherports and ATO’s).
  2. Got hot water in the dome.
  3. Brought dishwasher, washing machine and bathroom online.
  4. Surveyed the Skiway.
  5. Furnished the Weatherports with beds.
  6. Installed and aligned big parabola and established second internet connection.
  7. Installed ceilometer.
  8. COVID tested all in camp in the evening for the third time. No new positives.

Weather during the Weekend: Clear blue skies except for a few thin clouds Saturday. Temp. -33°C C to -22°C C. Wind: 6-15 kt between W and WNW. Visibility: Unrestricted.

FL, Bo M. Vinther

The entrance to the drill trench has been opened, so we now have access to both the drill trench and the science trench.